What if eFishery makes IELTS Speaking tests with eFisherian as an examinee


Note: This is not an actual test. I made it if eFishery makes an IELTS test. But If someone asked me about that questions, this is the way I answer the questions.

Role: Examiner: E Examinee: Ee

E: “This is the speaking test of the International English Language Testing System taking place on Saturday, 15 January 2022. The Examiner is John Doe. Good Afternoon. Can you tell me your full name, please?”

Ee: “Good Afternoon, My name is Robert Luhut Martahi.”

E: “And what shall I call you?”

Ee: “You can call me Robert.”

E: “So, Where are you from?”

Ee: “I am from The Capital City of Indonesia, which is Jakarta”

E: “May I see your identification please?”

Ee: “Here is my national identification card”. Give to the examiner.

E: Check the ID card. “Thank you”. Give the ID card to the examinee.

Ee: Take the ID card.

Part 1

E: “Alright, Robert, in the first part of the exam, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about fish and fishing. Do you like fishing?”

Ee: “Actually, I believe I have an experience like catching the fish activity, but I don’t. But when I was 5–6 years old maybe. My Father won the fishing competition, and he brought like 20 kilograms of fish.

E: “Okay, is Fishing a useful hobby?”

Ee: “I think all the positive hobbies are necessary because everyone has his/her activities for free time.”

E: “Do you like eating fish?”

Ee: “Since I am doing a pescetarian diet, I eat a lot of fish. A Pescetarian diet is when someone only eats plant-based plus seafood and fish food. Sometimes, they eat dairy and eggs.”

E: “What kinds of fish do you like eating?”

Ee: “I love seafood, like salmon and tuna. I love raw based fish-dish like sushi. Also, I love deep-fried fish food.”

E: “Where can you see fish?”

Ee: “In Indonesia, people can see fish from freshwater to saltwater sources. When they go to rivers and lakes, they will see a lot of goldfish, catfish, and Arowana. Then, people can experience wildlife sea fish in Bali, Lombok, and Raja Ampat by snorkelling activity”.

Part 2

E: “Now, moving on to the second part of the test, I will give you a topic, and I’d like you to talk about it for one or two minutes. Before you talk, you have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes if you wish do you understand?”

Ee: “Yes”

E: The examiner gives the examinee a paper and pencil and a cue card.“These are a paper and pencil, and here is your topic. I’d like you to describe a fish market you visited.”

Ee: Start thinking and making some notes.

The cue card

Describe a fish market you visited.

You should say:

Where this market is?
When and with whom you visited?
What did you see there?
How was the experience?

1 Minute later

E: “Okay, Remember you have one or two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. could you start speaking now, please?”

Ee: “This year, because of the pandemic. I buy fish at the store or market that is near my home. However, before the catastrophe, I usually went to Pluit Market, which is the biggest fish market in Indonesia. I went with my mother for weekly and monthly supplies of seafood ingredients. This place has a lot of saltwater fishes like Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, Milkfish, Mackarel Tuna and types of anchovies. My mother and I always bought a combination of three or four types of fish also, clams, shrimps, and squids, for the shopping lists. I love this market because people can see the fresh product and have affordable prices. However, when you are going not in the morning, the place around the market has an unpleasant smell of fish that make them throw up. So, It’s proper to go to the fish market when it dawns. The other mart for buying fish is in Kramat Jati Market, the centre market in Jakarta; In the morning, people can buy fresh sea-based fish and freshwater fish like gouramis and catfish. I usually went to this market for buying vegetables and fruits while my mom bought fish and meat. Overall, I like going to the market for fresh products, but I hope after the corona pandemic, people can buy whatever they need in the place that they go”. (1.40–1.44)

E: “Thank you, can I have the booklet, pencil and paper, please?”

Ee: Give all to the examiner

Part 3

E: “Now, you have been telling me about the fish market, and I’d like to ask more general questions related to this. Why do people like keeping fish as pets?”

Ee: “Hmmm… Let me think. I think it is a dilemma question. Some of them think about the need for pets but they do not like to have a big effort to care for the fish like grooming and taking a walk, they need pets for their sightseeing when people stress in daily activity. Because of that, petting the fish is the easiest way for animal lovers. In contrast, storing fish in a small aquarium, make fish stressed out and also they feel is not in their nature.”

E: Is it popular to eat fish in your country?

Ee: “The water area in Indonesia is bigger than the land area. It believes that the amount of fish is greater than some food ingredients. Contrastly, while all the traditional foods have fish-based cuisines, eating these cuisines is still less popular than eating meaty food like hamburgers and hot dogs. If parents can advise their child to eat fish or make delicious fish food. I hope there is a chance for fish to be popular.”

E: “What do you think about online fish markets?”

Ee: “Since people face this situation, buying needs using websites or smartphone applications is worthwhile. While people can not go outside to prevent the virus, using apps for shopping is an advantage because some apps have a lot of promotions and discounts. However, when buying the fresh product, somebody believes that the products are not good, but in my opinion, buyers can have the good quality from the web marketplaces.”

E: “Have people’s shopping habits changed in recent years?*

Ee: “Yeah, In the time of the Covid-19 widespread, the majority of citizens changed from outside-based activity into stay-at-home activity. So, the huge difference in shopping activity is they are using internet platforms. As an example, I use Efishery for buying fresh fish, like, finding the fish, choosing them, selecting how many fish I need, paying for the fish and getting the fish after all. On the other hand, even the change of the journey is changed, but have a physical transaction still continue now, but in low numbers.”

E: “How small fish farmer can optimize their sell product?”

Ee: “Wow, It is an interesting question. Currently, I work in an aquaculture start-up, which is called eFishery. This company has one of its visions. It is how to prioritize the fish farmer's needs. The office where I work focused on how to make the crops have the best quality by consulting them on how to choose the right food, medicine and the best time for harvesting. Also, eFishery helps by making applications that help users monitor their aquaculture products, so all the farmers that use the apps have an impact on their sales. So, in conclusion, farmers should prepare for the internet era, that everyone can access knowledge easily as long as they have a strong will.”

E: Do you think that fish are more threatened now if being compared to the past?

Ee: “No, because people realize when they doing massive caught not only the fish but also all creatures. It will make a bad effect on the environment. so, the trend is decreasing because people can consume fish by buying the aquaculture product that I mentioned before. In Fact, Aquaculture is one way to minimize the hunting and also eating fish makes the environment better than consuming meat.”

E: “Thank you very much, Robert, that is the end of the speaking test.”

Overall, the question is about fish or fish markets that I found on google and I answer in my version and sometimes I use google translate/translator/find synonyms. LOL. But Thank you to my friends that help me to make some questions. :)


https://ieltsrewind.com/describe-a-fish-market-you-visited/ (Part 2) https://ieltsfever.org/talk-about-a-fish-market-in-your-area/ (Part 3)*
https://ieltsdragon.com/ielts-speaking-part-1-fish-fishing/ielts-recent-topic-with-answers/ (Part 1)




J’adore les Mathématiques et la Musique, J’aime le Chocolat et le Fromage. Instagram: @brobeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt

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Robert Luhut Martahi

Robert Luhut Martahi

J’adore les Mathématiques et la Musique, J’aime le Chocolat et le Fromage. Instagram: @brobeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt

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