Grown-up Christmas list

When were you little? Who didn’t want a gift? Were you especially given on special days such as birthdays, religious holidays, being a champion in a competition? I want it too.

However, maybe there are people like me who don’t often feel a gift's gift. For various reasons, we can not get it. Moreover, we often see in movies that Santa gives gifts according to the wishes (list) if we are a good people.

We realise that Santa doesn’t even exist. Yes, maybe because we are adults, we learn; this is a story that we make good. Children’s stories are packaged so that we realise we are being deceived that if we do good, we get the prize we dream of.


We may not be aware of some things as a child, so we only realise it when we get older. That Santa’s gift actually exists. And frankly, when we do good, there are prizes. We don’t realise it, and sometimes the gift is more than we want.

Like, we want toys, it turns out that we don’t get toys, but friends to play together, where we can laugh and joke, which can build relationships between each other in the future. We want good food. Let’s say we want to eat a lot of candy. It turns out that what we get is healthy food and eating with the family, which turns out to be something to be very grateful for. Or when I want to be a superhero. Maybe it’s impossible if humans have superpowers such as having laser eyes, etc. But as it turns out, all of the actions that impact those around us turn out to be your superpower. There are many more things that we may not be aware of.

From there, I realised that as you get older, the list of gifts you need is not in the form of things. But it is a result of a job that you make, an incident that slaps you, that you should be grateful for what you have.

I am grateful that I may never get a Christmas present, but I am thankful because many things are beyond my expectations. So, being grateful is one way for me to develop. I can also determine what can become My grown-up Christmas list with gratitude.




J’adore les Mathématiques et la Musique, J’aime le Chocolat et le Fromage. Instagram: @brobeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt

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Robert Luhut Martahi

Robert Luhut Martahi

J’adore les Mathématiques et la Musique, J’aime le Chocolat et le Fromage. Instagram: @brobeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt

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